Find Your Element

We are pleased to announce a new 2013 collection of Alpine Element bikes. Excellent design, technological innovations, a great number of models - all this and more, you will find in our collection of 2013.

You are on the official website of the Alpine Element Bikes. The products of Alpine Element in the pages of this web resource, we have clearly demonstrated the benefits of Proven Swiss bikes, have their exhaustive description and gave advice on the selection of a suitable bike you type.

Production Element is designed for those who have no prejudice against the acquisition of high quality bicycles at low prices and does not seek to impress a crowd of only one famous logo on the frame.

In the catalog on the site are provided for new items Alpine Element. Already passed the test of the quality of the models will be able to choose the appropriate option as a beginner cycling and professional freeride. Bicycles 2013 by Alpine Element will be included in the company's history under the title of the reference.

What to read?
Quark 3.0 review

Now we will talk about the bike Alpine Element Quark 3.0. Quark series is made of light aluminum-alloy frames based on the geometry and construction of sport-segment models but adapted to lovers of calm and non-extreme riding.

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Proton 5.0 review

Proton 5.0 model by Alpine Element refers to the segment of amateur sport bikes and primarily is oriented to exacting customers who want to get the maximal quality at minimal price.

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Electron 5.0 review

Everybody knows that frequently a lot of manufacturers offering female bicycle models just try to sell ordinary ones but with inclined frame’s upper duct. In the case with Electron line by Alpine Element everything is vice versa.

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